April 2022

Interactive list of the technical parts

In addition to the technical part names inside the images, now you have also a full list of the parts allowing for quickly scanning where a certain part is present.

March 2022

Smart reference numbers

The technical part names are now available in the images. In addition, there is automatic rotation of tilted images.

PDF export of search cases & collections

Export search cases and collections as handy PDF with summary of the result list and one-pager for each hit.

February 2022

Notification center

In-app and email notifications for when search cases and collections are shared with you, comments and documents are added, and other changes. You can change your Notification preferences in the Settings (Personal -> Notification settings)

Current assignee data

Information about the current assignee, when available, was added to the bibliographic data of the hit and to the Excel export.

January 2022

20 new countries

Improved database coverage with 20 new jurisdictions including Sweden, Brazil, Poland, Israel, Ireland, New Zealand.

December 2021

Sharing of Search cases and Collections

Now you can share any search case or collection with other registered users of your company.

Commenting of publications

You can attach private and shared comments to publications. Comments are family-based: you'll see comments added to any family member at once for every other family member.

External link to Orbit

You can open documents as well as a whole search list in Orbit.

Highlight heatmap

A scrollbar indicator shows where the AI and keyword highlights appear in the document or the result list.

Improved excel export

The new Excel export includes images, abstracts, multiple sheets for search results, favorites, and better formatting.

November 2021

Open images in a new window

A switch in the document browser allows you to open the images in a separate window. Switching between the documents and loading the images is quick.

October 2021

Improved Document viewer

When you open a hit in IPRally, you'll see:

  • more complete specification data

  • formatted tables and reference numbers

  • inline images and formulas

  • more accurate AI highlighting

  • no more google links, you can now open publications in a new tab inside our own document view!

New graph and AI model generation

New external links

  • EP register for EP & WO publications

  • Patentscope for WO publications

New export functionalities

September 2021

First claim

See the first claim of a hit instead of the abstract in the expanded result list.

Legal events

In addition to the Legal status, you can now also see the full Legal event history of a patent document.

User settings and Company settings

We also added numerous possibilities to personalize IPRally to best fit your workflow and preferences. The new Settings panel can be accessed from the user profile menu at the top right corner of the screen.

With the personal settings you can:

  • Change the default search filters e.g. for dates and preferred classification

  • Choose default view options for your new searches

  • Change your password and add your name

Further, Company admin users have access to company-wide settings, where they can manage and invite the users, see the subscription status and and set company wide preferences, like the external links that the users see.​

Free text search with multilingual input (beta)

Now you can start your search with a text describing the invention in languages different than English. The current languages supported are German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Swedish. More languages to come soon!

August 2021


With Collections you can:

  • save the results of your searches for later review.

  • combine multiple search cases through Union or Intersection import or use it to

  • import and compare results you have gotten from other platforms.

This is the first step towards other smart features inside IPRally that allow you to add comments and other meta data to your findings, collaborate with your team, launch smart searches and more.

Legal status

The current legal status of a patent and the family are now shown using a traffic-light-like system, allowing for quick scanning of the result list and with detailed information in the bibliographical data. A legal status filter helps focus the search on the requested type of data.

June 2021

Negative keyword filter

Improved functionality of the Keyword filter, corresponding to the NOT operator in boolean search.


The Statistics tab offers an overview about the result's CPC classes, Top assignees and inventors.

Family member prioritization

We improved the prioritization logic to show US / EP / WO / GB / AU family members in the result list instead of the translation!

May 2021

Search in Claims only

We introduced an additional way of directing the AI: to search through the content of claims only, instead of the full specification. The claims search will provide more relevant results for the technology defined in the query graph from risk management or FTO perspective.

Citations tab

The examiner citations in invalidity search cases are shown in a separate tab, instead of at the end of the result list. If a citation is also found relevant by the AI, it appears among the search results and is indicated with the “Cited” label.

March 2021

Application-level encryption of customer data

We launched an additional layer of security. All pieces of sensitive data, including full text input queries and graphs, are encrypted inside the database with encryption keys specific to your company.

New Image database and mosaics

We also imported the most comprehensive patent image database into IPRally and added image mosaics to the result list allowing for quick scanning of the results.

February 2021

Keyword filter

A new filter lets you limit the results to hits containing a specific keyword.

Adjustable number of results

Now you can choose the maximum number of search results to be between 50 and 500.

Also, we added Video tutorials to the Help center.

January 2021

Keyword highlighting

We added a Keyword highlighting feature to help you scan results more quickly and find what you need.

CPC classes

CPC classes are the newest filter of the results and you'll see them also in the document view, provided a hit has them.

Improved Excel Export

The Excel Export includes abstracts and all dates (priority, application & publication).

November 2020

Inventor filter

Filter the results by inventor's name.

Negative filters

The possibility to exclude fields in the different search filters (NOT filters) for IPC classes, Applicant, Inventor and jurisdiction.

October 2020

Advanced document browser

September 2020

New filtering options

Filtering based on priority date, application date, and publication date is now available.

Add known publications to the list of favorites

On the features side, iterative AI searching is possible since a while, but now you can assist the AI even more efficiently by telling it the publications you already know as being relevant. This helps the AI to get on the right track and to improve the search results very quickly!

August 2020

Email notification for monitored search cases

Now you can set up e-mail reports for your monitored search casesto go straight to your e-mail on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis! You can also now download these new results as a separate excel file.

We worked on the reported loading time issues and now loading the front page images is faster in the result list!

A new AI model was launched, increasing the search and AI highlighting accuracy once again.

New generation machine translations are now available in the advanced document browser, which will soon replace the Google patents link.

Last but not least, we added tooltips over various functionalities to make it easier for you to use the full capacity of IPRally! Just hover with the mouse of them to see what they do.

July 2020

The drawings can now be found in the document view, behind the three stripes button. First, you'll see all the figures as thumbnails. Clicking enlarges a full figure viewer next to the specification.

The full document view is under construction and will soon replace the Google patents links as the primary way of opening the documents.

June 2020

Front page figures are now available in the expanded result list view, just by the abstracts.

Downloading the original PDFs is also possible in the ACTIONS sections of the expanded view.

The Favorites heart symbol was moved to the left side of the result list, below the rhombus icon, which keeps track of tracks if the document has already been viewed.

May 2020

Viewed documents handling: A blue rhombus symbol in front of the hit turns to white when you open a document for inspection. By clicking the symbol you can easily change the state of the document. You can also easily hide documents already viewed.

Graph panel hiding: To get more space for the result list, you can now hide the graph at the left hand side of the screen.

No-trace mode: For some companies, it is important not to leave any trace of which documents have popped up or viewed in searches. Admin users can find the setting "Allow saving search results" on the Company Admin page. Saving is allowed by default.

Espacenet links: You can find these in the expanded result view.

Faster AI highlighting: The document view with relevant portions highlighted opens now quickly.

April 2020

Global country coverage: The search index was extended with patent publications from almost 20 new countries. These include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, British, Canadian and Dutch documents, to mention some. About 75 million publications in total became searchable. You can see a full list of countries here.

Country filter: Now you can limit your search to only some of the countries using the filters. By default, all data sources are used.

Search accuracy: A new AI model was deployed, significantly improving overall search accuracy.

March 2020

European language coverage: The search index was extended with native German, French and Finnish patent publications through machine translations. More information here.

Search accuracy: A new AI model was deployed, significantly improving overall search accuracy.

User interface: Fonts were modernized and other usability improvements were made.

January - February 2020

Search accuracy: A new AI model was deployed, significantly improving overall search accuracy.

Class coverage: Chemical patent classes were added to the search index. All patent classes are now covered.

One-click monitoring: Any search case can be made a continuously monitored case. New documents published and matching the search profile will be collected to the Monitoring tab.

2018 - 2019

Development of the first version of the search engine.

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