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Sharing search cases and collections
Sharing search cases and collections

Share work with your colleagues

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By default, the Search cases and Collections you create in IPRally are private, i.e. shown to you only. However, you can easily share them with other registered users within your company through:

  • Sharing icons on the case lists on the landing page

  • Sharing icons on opened cases

  • "Sharing" menu item in CASE ACTIONS or COLLECTION ACTIONS menu


    Sharing icons on the main page: the blue icon means a shared case, grey means a private case.

Sharing is also possible inside a search case.

Four levels of rights are available:

  • Owner: has full rights to the case, can also change sharing settings

  • Editor: can change the search profile, add/remove documents, add comments etc, but not change sharing settings

  • Commenter: can add comments to documents of the case but can't make changes to the search profile or collection list

  • Viewer: can just view the documents but not change anything or add comments


Sharing opens a simple form where everyone can see the
sharing settings and Owners can also change them.


Sharing a monitored search case

If you share a monitored search case, the colleagues you shared the case with will also receive monitoring alert e-mails for the case.

Monitoring alert e-mails are sent to all users sharing the monitored case.


When you share a search case/collection with a colleague, they get an email and in-app notification. More about it and its settings here.

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