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Scanning the images inside the results
Scanning the images inside the results

Image mosaics, images in a new window and a detailed image viewer

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There are different ways to scan the images, drawings and figures belonging to a patent document in the results in IPRally depending on the details you need.

In the result list, you can include all the images of the publications in a mosaic view by switching on the “Image mosaics” in the "View options" menu:

The image mosaics can be combined with the short and expanded view of the record.

In the expanded result view, through hovering your mouse over a thumbnail image, you can see it enlarged at the place of the abstract image inside the result. Clicking the thumbnail further enlarges the image to a full-page view. To close the view, click anywhere outside the image.

If you want to see the detailed drawing of a single result, click the image mosaic inside a result, this opens the image viewer. Need more space to browse the images? Hide the search panel on the left:

The image viewer inside a document offers the rotating & zoom-in and out functionality you are used to from other patent databases:

You can also use keyboard for quicker browsing both in the Image mosaics and in the Image viewer.

  • Arrow Left & Right switches between images

  • R rotates an image

Images in new window

You can also open the images in a separate window. For that, turn on the switch "Images in new window" located in the header, near the Next button:

If the toggle is active and you don't see a separate window for the images, click on a image thumbnail you see under the "Abstract":

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