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Monitoring automates weekly search tasks
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New patents and patent applications are published by the Patent Offices usually weekly. You can easily set up a monitoring profile that allows you to see if the newly published documents are relevant to you. This is how it happens:

  1. Make a search case using any of the available options (from scratch, using publication number or using full text).

  2. Inspect the search results to see if they are relevant and if necessary, adjust the filters and/or use Zoom to favorites to further focus the search to most relevant technology.

  3. When you are happy with the profile, press the Monitoring eye-icon or choose "Turn monitoring on" from the Case actions menu of the search case:

What happens then, is that a Monitoring tab is activated in which you can set up the frequency of mail notifications for new results:

If the search case is shared with others, they'll also receive an email notification.

During the following weeks, you will see in this tab the new publications that best match the profile and fit into the number of maximum results selected in the filters.

You can restart the monitoring and clear the list using the RESTART button.

You will also see the number of new profile-matching documents in the My search cases list as a lime-green badge. If you have many search cases, you can filter them to only the Monitored ones:

The Monitoring function automatically utilizes the newest versions of IPRally algorithms. However, no older publications than when you first initiated Monitoring or cleared all results will be shown. If you wish to search for older publications, you should always use the ordinary Search patents button.

Happy monitoring!

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