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Iterative search ("Zoom to favorites")
Iterative search ("Zoom to favorites")

You can assist the AI to find the most relevant results for you

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When you have analyzed the search results a bit and know which one of the hits are most relevant, you can give that information for the AI. It has then more information which helps to further improve search results.

Zoom to favorites can do the trick. Here's how you use it:

1. Make a search normally with a search graph.

2. Flag some results as relevant hits by clicking the heart symbol (the heart turns green and these results are then collected to the Favorites tab). 

3. Then, activate Zoom to favorites among the filters on the left panel and press Search patents:

Now, what the AI does, it tries to find documents that has most features in common with the initial search graph and the flagged results and gives a new result list.

Here is also a detailed Video tutorial on how to use Zoom to favorites.

Also, you can assist the AI by telling it the publications you already know as being relevant. For that, you can add the publication to Favorites in the Favorites-tab:

You may add multiple 'Favorites' to your list as well:

The new result list may contain completely new documents or documents from the original list may have changed order and their Score may change. You can mark results as viewed (separately and as a bulk) and use the "Hide viewed results" switch to see new documents you have not processed yet.

You can iterate this procedure as many times as you wish.

Note: Zoom to favorites is meant to fine-tune the search results and prioritize the technically most relevant results as high in the list as possible. 

It works best with three to five hits. Too many publications may confuse it.

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