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You can add Private and Shared comments to publications. Shared comments are shown to all users of your company. Private are shown just to you.

Comments are family-based: they are "attached" to the primary document of the family (the first one in the family members list), but you'll see comments added to any family member when viewing every other family member.

Each record in the ​result list has a comment section, openable at your choice, that has the comment timeline, as well as the possibility to add new comments and edit old ones and change the sharing state of a comment.

A new comment is added from "Add comment" and an existing comment can be deleted or edited through the "..." menu at the corner of the comment box.

Clicking the sharing icon changes the sharing state of the comment. Comments with "Private" label are shown only to you, whereas "Shared" comments can be seen by everyone in your company, every time the same family shows up in search results or in a collection.

You can toggle the viewing state of comments in the VIEW OPTIONS menu. Individual results's comments can be toggled from the bubble icon.

A bubble icon at the left of each entry indicated that the publication/family has comments attached. An empty bubble icon means that there are comments, but the comment section is collapsed, whereas a filled bubble icon tells that the comment section is expanded, i.e. visible. All comments can be expanded at once from the VIEW OPTIONS menu.

The comments are also present in the Excel and PDF export.

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