Using the 'Ask AI' Module

'Ask AI' lets you ask questions about a patent and get them answered by an AI.

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'Ask AI' is an IPRally feature that lets you ask questions about patents and get them answered by AI. There are two ways to use Ask AI:

  • Ask a question about multiple patents at the same time (costs credits)

  • Ask a question about a single patent (free to use)

You can use Ask AI in any table of patent documents (e.g. search results, collection, citations, or favorites). Select the documents you want to ask questions about, and then click Ask AI in the Selected menu above the results table.

A dialog appears at the bottom of the screen. Write your question and click Ask AI. You also see here how many credits you will spend and how many credits your company has left.

Note that the question will be applied to each document separately. For example, a good question to ask might be “explain this invention to me in simple terms”. On the other hand, asking “summarize what’s common between these patents” will not get you the answer you want, as the AI will only see one patent at a time.

The answers appear in the document table one by one when they are ready. For long answers only the beginning of each answer is shown. You can see the entire answer by hovering your mouse over the answer.

The questions and answers are added to each document’s chat. You can navigate to the chat of a particular document by clicking View more ➔ under any answer in the document table.

You can ask more questions about this patent here. Questions you ask in the chat view only target this particular patent. Unlike the questions asked in the document table, the questions asked in the chat view don’t cost you any credits.

Exporting Ask AI chats

You can export the Ask AI chats to Excel using Selected > Export to… > XLSX with Ask AI messages.

Clearing Ask AI chats

To remove all Ask AI questions and answers related to particular documents, use Selected > Clear Ask AI chat. You can also clear an individual document’s chat from the top-right menu of that document.

Using Ask AI on a single document

You can open Ask AI on any single document from the document table as described above.

In case you want to use Ask AI on a document with a given publication number, the fastest way to navigate to the Ask AI chat view is using number search. Go to the IPRally front page, write the publication number in the number search box and then click on the publication number link to open up the document in its own browser tab. Then click “Ask AI” on the page that opens.

If you intend to work with a set of patents and have their publication numbers, you should consider creating a collection and importing the documents there by their publication numbers.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Ask AI not enabled for me?

You can use Ask AI when your company admin has accepted the Generative AI Terms and enabled the Ask AI module. See instructions on Ask AI administration.

If you can access Ask AI chat of individual patents but not multi-patent Ask AI in the document table, your company admin may have specifically prevented you from using credits on Multi-patent Ask AI. See instructions on Ask AI administration.

Do the other users in my company see my Ask AI chats?

Each user sees their own questions and answers. Your questions and answers are not shared with the other users.

Can I get answers about many patents in aggregate rather than individually? For example, can I ask “what’s common about each of these patents?”

No. The Multi-patent Ask AI feature asks a question about each of the patents separately.

We may add some aggregate-question features later but at the moment that kind of questions are not supported.

Does Ask AI now require me to buy credits?

Multi-patent Ask AI questions consume credits.

Single-patent Ask AI questions made in the AI chat view are free to use. You can make questions in the Ask AI chat even if your company has run out of credits.

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