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Organise your search results both from IPRally and other sources

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Collections improve your workflow through offering a place for organising the search results from various search cases and other lists.

Creating a new collection

  • From the Starting page

  • From a Search case using the ACTIONS-button

You can create a collection after running a search and automatically add all the results of the search to it. Alternatively, you can also select results through the checkbox or also first save them as Favorites and then add the list of Favorites to the Collection, again through the ACTIONS-button.

Importing results to a Collection

Collections look pretty similar to search cases of IPRally and are designed to guide you forward.

When you press "Add documents or combine search cases", you see following possibilities to add documents from:

  • search cases inside IPRally

  • a list (as a comma, semicolon, or newline separated list)

  • a XLS, XSLX or CSV file (publication numbers in one column)

Combining the results from search cases

Inside a collection, you can add the results from multiple search cases and combine them in two different ways - as an union (saving all patent families to the collection) or as an intersection (saving the overlapping families appearing in all selected search cases). Documents are grouped by family ID.

In case there were already documents inside the collection, in the next step you'll be asked to handle possible conflicts between those and the newly imported documents:

You can again choose between a Union or Intersection import.

Intersection import may have an effect that some of the existing documents (the ones belonging to non-intersecting families) are removed from the collection. You will be told beforehand what the effect will be and you can decide if you wish to proceed with the import:

Importing results from other sources

You have two ways of adding documents from sources other than IPRally's search cases - from a list or through uploading a file.

You can copy and paste a list of Publication numbers:

After pressing "Find", the system will search for the documents in our database and let you know which it found:

In the next step, you'll be able again to handle possible conflicts with existing documents inside the collection and confirm the import.

You can also upload an XLS(X) or CSV file to a collection.

In the next step, you have to choose which column of the sheet represents the publication numbers. This gives you the flexibility to conveniently import publications from other sources, such as other search tools, to the collection.

The collection list of results

The results are sorted by the time of adding which you can see in the meta-tag. The most recently added results are at the end of the list.

The ACTIONS-button is present also in this list and offers the functionality to export all or selected results as Excel, remove them from the current collection and add them to another as well as open them in Patbase or Orbit, if these options are turned on.

In the "View options" you have the same options to customize the look of your list as in a search case and some additional:

Metadata is the information when the hit has been added to the collection.

The toggle "Deduplicate by family" is on by default, turning it off will let you see the separate documents in the list which otherwise will appear as a bundle.

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