How IPRally's in-app currency works

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Credits are IPRally’s virtual in-app currency.

Currently you can spend credits to make multi-doc Ask AI questions. A single question costs one credit for each question for each patent. So asking 2 questions about 50 patents costs you 100 credits.

Credits are shared between all users of the company. The amount of credits you see in the app is the amount of company credits.

Credits management

The amount of credits your company has available depends on your IPRally subscription. The credit balance is reset at the start of each subscription term. Contact your IPRally account executive or send email to to upgrade your subscription.

If you are your company’s IPRally admin user, you can see your company’s credit history in Settings > Credits. The history shows a log of all changes to the credits balance, including the occasions when the company has been granted new credits and the occasions when someone has used credits.

Frequently asked questions

Does single-patent Ask AI now require credits?

No. Only multi-patent questions consume credits. You can make questions in the Ask AI conversation drawer even if your company has run out of credits.

What happens to credits if some of the Ask AI answers fail due to a technical reason?

The credits are consumed only for questions that get answered.

For example, suppose you ask a question about five patents and only four of the patents get an answer but one answer is lost due to a technical error. In this case only four credits will be deducted from your account.

We are out of credits! How can we buy more?

Contact your IPRally account executive or send email to

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