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Does Ask AI work with documents of any length?

Yes it does.

However, for documents that are hundreds of pages long, the Ask AI may not consider the entire patent document in its answer. When the document reaches this length, the answer is accompanied with a warning icon and an explanation of the matter.

Are answers always correct?

No. According to our testing in the vast majority of cases the answers are accurate but sometimes they may be incorrect or misleading. Please take this into account when considering the answers.

The AI is especially likely to be incorrect if you ask it for information that does not exist in the patent document. Usually the AI will refuse to answer such questions but sometimes it may come up with an incorrect answer.

If you notice an incorrect answer, consider clearing the chat before asking more questions. This way the follow-up questions are more likely to be correct.

Can Ask AI compare two patents?

Not directly. But if you want to do it the hard way, you can copy-paste one of the patents to the text box along with instructions such as: "Below is the description of another patent. Compare these two patents."

Beware, though, that the AI may afterwards get confused about which patent your questions refer to, the original one, or the one that you pasted in the chat.

Can I ask questions in other languages besides English?

Yes, but the answers may not be as good as when you use English.

Is there a limit on how long a question I can ask?

There is a limit but it is high enough that in practice you should never notice it.

However, the AI may make more mistakes than normal if the question is long and complicated. If you notice that the answers are not good, consider splitting a long question into multiple shorter ones and asking them separately.

Is there a limit on how long the answer can be?

Yes, through a couple of different mechanisms.

First, the AI has a tendency to keep its answers shorter than 250 words. Often this keeps the answers simple and to the point. But sometimes a longer answer would be warranted. In these cases, you can try to instruct the AI to include the answer in its entirety. For example:

  • List the product features and process stages mentioned in the claims. Include the entire list in your answer.

Second, there is a technical maximum limit on how long the answer can be. This limit is currently about 1000 words (technically 2000 LLM tokens). If you see a long answer stopping abruptly, this may be the reason.

In either case, you can ask the AI to continue its answer (by typing "Please continue." or something to that effect) and it should pick up from where it stopped.

If I’ve had an Ask AI conversation, and later ask exactly the same questions about the same patent again, will I get exactly the same answers?

Not necessarily.

First, the context of the conversation matters, not only the current question. For example, if you ask the same question twice in a row, the second answer may be different from the first because its context already includes the first question and answer.

Second, we are continuously improving the Ask AI feature, and it may change the answers you will get, hopefully for the better.

Third, for technical reasons related to computation efficiency, the answers may sometimes vary even if the conversation so far is exactly the same and we have not changed anything.

Can Ask AI compare the document against my search graph or search terms?

No. It can only see the current patent document without other context such as the search terms.

Can Ask AI compare the document against prior art?

No, except to the extent that the current patent document itself describes the prior art. The AI can only see the current patent document and not any of the prior art documents.

Can Ask AI perform searches or use other IPRally features?

No. The AI only answers questions about the current patent.

Can Ask AI answer my questions about the IPRally product?

No. It only answers questions about the current patent.

Can Ask AI read the text in drawings or diagrams?

No. It only sees the text in the main body of the patent document, not text in images.

Can Ask AI read tables?

Yes, some of them. It depends on how the table is represented in our patent document source data. The AI can see tables represented as text but not tables represented as images.

You can deduce whether the AI can see the table based on its appearance in IPRally's document view. If it is a web page table element, Ask AI will be able to see it. If it is a scanned image of a table, Ask AI won't see it.

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