Benefits of the 'Ask AI' Module

FAQ's for using the 'Ask AI' Module

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Why should I use Ask AI?

Ask AI lets you review and understand patents faster than before. Previously you may have spent a long time reading the contents of a document or finding the parts relevant to your interests, especially when working in a domain that’s new to you. With Ask AI, you can get answers to your questions quickly and in a language that is easy to understand.

Another good reason to use Ask AI is to produce summaries and other answers for sharing within your organization. If, for instance, you are analyzing the IP risks of introducing a new product, you may use Ask AI to summarize how each patent relates to the product features and share these results with the R&D team.

How does 'Ask AI' relate to IPRally’s search functionality?

When you are searching for patents, you probably have two goals: find the relevant patents, and understand their relevance. IPRally search is excellent for finding the patents but does not help you much in understanding them. On the other hand, Ask AI does not help you find patents but helps you review and understand them.

Technically the two are implemented by two separate types of machine learning systems. Search uses IPRally’s own graph neural networks that we have developed to make use of the regularities and intricacies of patent data, and which help us offer a better patent search experience than anyone else. 'Ask AI' makes use of large language model services that many other companies also use.

By combining these two technologies we can give you the best possible flow for your work: find the relevant patents easily and understand them quickly.

I’ve been using ChatGPT to ask questions about patents. What does Ask AI provide that ChatGPT does not?

Ask AI gives you access to AI answers right where and when you need them – in your search results. Rather than having to copy and paste documents and make multiple queries with ChatGPT, you can just write the questions directly in IPRally and get the answers that you need.

We have also carefully tuned Ask AI to give accurate and useful answers. Ask AI sees the entire patent document when generating its answers. Therefore it is more likely to generate a useful answer and less likely to hallucinate than if you posed the same question to ChatGPT.

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