There are different ways to scan the images, drawings and figures belonging to a patent document in the results in IPRally depending on the details you need.

In the result list, you can include all the images of the publications in a mosaic view by switching on the “Show image mosaics” at the result list’s action bar.

The image mosaics can be combined with the short and expanded view of the record

In the expanded result view, through hovering your mouse over a thumbnail image, you can see it enlarged at the place of the abstract image inside the result. Clicking the thumbnail further enlarges the image to a full-page view. To close the view, click anywhere outside the image.

If you want to see the detailed drawing of a single result, click the image mosaic inside a result, this opens the image viewer. Need more space to browse the images? Hide the search panel on the left:

The image viewer inside a document offers the rotating & zoom-in and out functionality you are used to from other patent databases:

You can also use keyboard for quicker browsing both in the Image mosaics and in the Image viewer.

  • Arrow Left & Right switches between images

  • R rotates an image

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